8 Things To Do With Your Dog Before Summer Ends


Summer’s a fine time for making enjoyable memories with your dog. It’s easy to bond with your pup during the summer as there’s a lot of things you can do outside. There are things like picnics in the park or beach trips to name a few to try during the summer.


1. Go Hiking


Whether they are big or small, dogs are great hiking buddies. Be sure they’ve been socialized with people as well as other pups, as well as making sure it’s not so hot that it’s inadvisable to be out all day on some big adventure.  Be certain the hiking isn’t too tiring for your pup and that you bring plenty of water so they can stay hydrated.


2. Go Camping


Summer means lots of playtime. It’s a great time to go camping with your friends and that includes your pup. No matter if you like going backpacking or just want a simple casual camping trip, adding your pup to your plans can work out great. Be certain your dog is ready for such an adventure, and that the campsite allows pets, then gather up the correct gear and go out and have some fun.


3. Have a Puppy Party


Why not call a few friends with dogs and have a puppy party? You can buy some treats for both your friends and the pups, and enjoy the summer weather together in the backyard. For even more fun, make up a theme for the party!


4. Take a Picture with Your Dog


Memories are priceless, so let’s make a few during the summer that you can reminisce about when the cold winter hits. You can even send in the picture and get a pillow or blanket with the photo on it or go to one of those companies that make a stuffed animals that looks just like your pup. Or make your own!


5. Pool Fun


Swimming is fun, as well as a great type of exercise for dogs. However, you need to make sure your dog is taught how to swim and is kept safe. Plus while a lot of dogs love to swim, a few don’t care for it.


6. Go on a Beach Adventure


The summer heat makes it a fine time for looking for a dog friendly beach where you can have some fun with your pup. The pup is bound to love running and playing in the water, in the sand, and lounging with you under a beach umbrella when he gets tired. It will be so much fun! Be sure to bring along a few toys, food and water, his bowl, and don’t forget the doggie poop bags.


7. Go on a Picnic


During the summer it’s a great time to go on picnics with your pup. It’s fun to eat outside with your pup during a lovely summer day when there’s good weather. A picnic can be done anywhere from the park to the beach or even just in the backyard.


8. Make  Some Homemade Summer Treats


It’s fun to make a few dogs treats to give to your dog on those hot summer days. One idea is to freeze some of their toys in ice and give it to them to play with. It helps them stay hydrated and cools them off. Or try putting in some peanut butter since most dogs love it.

No matter if you plan a beach trip or another kind of pup party, having fun with your dog in the summer helps you to bond together. So take this opportunity to get some sunshine and have a great summer with your dog.


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