An Effective Yoga Sequence That Can Sculpt Your Body and Clear Your Mind

Not only does yoga help you find harmony and clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts, but it also helps strengthen the body. People who often do yoga can easily be mistaken for frequent visitors of the gym. For example, the actor, singer, and artist Jared Leto does yoga on a regular basis and he has already earned the title of a man who doesn’t age.

Wikiki has gathered some tips and asanas that will make your yoga workout more effective.


To practice yoga, you need to prepare. Below is a list of things to keep in mind and to be ready for when you’re about to start your yoga session:

  1. It’s better to do yoga in a quiet and peaceful place and to avoid factors that could distract from the process.
  2. If a person is practicing indoors, then the room should be well-ventilated. Fresh air is a prerequisite for yoga, but it’s important to avoid drafts.
  3. Clothes should be free-fitting and should be made of natural fabrics that allow the skin to breathe.
  4. Before starting the workout, the stomach should not be full. You also need to drink a small amount of water and empty the bladder, and, if possible, the intestines.
  5. It is recommended to start classes about an hour after eating a light meal. However, it is better, if possible, to exercise on an empty stomach.
  6. During classes, it is recommended to put clean water next to you and to take sips from time to time in the intervals between poses.
  7. Eating immediately after class is strictly prohibited. It is necessary to wait at least 20 minutes to an hour before eating.
  8. The surface on which you will do yoga should be flat and firm so that when the solid parts of the body come into contact with the floor, there are no abrasions and bruises on them, the mat should be dense and thick enough, but not elastic and not soft. The dimensions of the mat should correspond to the size of the body so that the person fits on the mat when they’re stretched out on the floor. For practicing yoga, a rubber yoga mat is recommended.

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